19 March 2009

One of the exhibits!

Thanks to those who commented on yesterday's post - you were right, Maureen it is Rosemarie Peel!! I agree, Riet and I will let her know you want a copy of the book. I asked and she told me a bit about what is going into itbtoo - but that's a secret!!!

This is my last post about the exhibition.

There was time to take a look around a bit further on Sunday and I saw these entries (the link takes you to the Ring of Tatter's site - please scroll down) for the Poetry in Stitches Competion
(2008) and they were fabulous. I couldn't have chosen between these three as a favourite and there were lots and lots of other 'non tatted' entries too. The judges must've had their heads in knots over these.

The thing that tickled me most is that I'm sure, nearly sure that I spotted Sid the Scintillating Slug in the Isca tatters entry. I've put an arrow pointing to where I think I spotted him. Any of the Isca tatters care to put my mind at rest?!?!?

The others on the stand wondered why I came back from looking at the exhibits with a great big grin on my face!!! I LOVE to see something I've designed made by other people!!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, I was going to guess Rosemarie and didn't make it back to do so. OHH I can't wait to see what is in her new book. I've enjoyed reading about the exhibition with ROT and all the pictures you have posted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Reminded me that I haven't sent in my membership to ROT this year ~ too much going on, slipped my mind. I love Rosemarie's books and it is nice to have a photo of her...
XX Bev

connie said...

I love your new profile picture. It's lovely.

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