16 March 2009

Like the horse's tail!

I'm all behind!! Just like the horse's tail!

Today I'm going to show you the bookmark that I finished at the show on Thursday. Thank you, Jane and Burda!!! I've done two more since then - when I find them again!!

I was there again all day yesterday and have lots to show you. BUT you're going to have to wait until I've got the photos off my camera!!!

I added a ring or two at the top of the bookmark to give it a different look but that's all. The reason I'm using this variegated thread is simply because I DON'T LIKE IT!!!

I thought it would be lovely as it's pink but I think the problem is that it's variegated - and not in a nice way!!! I can tolerate variegated IF it's used with a plain thread and if the design 'fits' it but not on it's own.

There will be more pictures tomorrow and a 'teaser' or two. Things could get interesting round here!!!


Tattycat said...

I like the design, and you work is lovely as usual. I have to agree about the thread however. It's just not right for this. Can't wait to see what is coming!

Krystle said...

I like that bookmark pattern so much too! I started one the other night but when I came back to it I got the frontside mixed up so I need to start again. I love simple patterns like that for keeping in my purse for the midwife's waiting room.

TAT19540 said...

I like the bookmark. I agree about the thread color. Some varigated thread is ok. I like when one color changes shades best. Something like that might look nice on this design.

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