18 March 2009

Guess who?

Now I wonder if you can guess who this is?

OK, I'll give you a clue or 3.

She's recently published a new tatting book.
2. She's got several books which are all winners.
3. She's a 'local lass' living in the middle of the UK.

Now, I'm going to let you into a secret. She told me that she's 'on a roll' and that we can expect another new book out this year!!!!!



  1. I know, I know! - it's Rosemarie Peel! - (or is it?)

  2. That is what I thought too Maureen. I hope it is Rosemarie, because a book of her is always a good one with clear drawings. Jane let her know I will buy her book

  3. Rosemarie Peel??? I have never seen a photo of her before, she looks to be a lovely lady.

  4. I thought it was Rosemarie Peel, too...I just couldn't remember her name when I was visiting here before, LOL! :)


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