6 March 2009

I've finished!

Finally, and after about a month, I've finished the black motifs.

Now I do occasionally enjoy this type of mindless tatting. I've enjoyed doing these but found that I got obsessed by them. I couldn't stop until I'd used all the thread that Nicole sent!! Here you can see 'almost' 12 strips of 10 per strip. Each square took around 40 minutes to make.

Today I will post them to Nicole.

Next? Well the purple buttons are calling for pure relaxation. After that? Who knows? Not me!!!!


Gina said...

And what was she going to do with these again? Will we get to see????

Jane Eborall said...

Nicole is making a garment for her course. She's also doing some other tatting too. She will send me photos when it's all finished and I'll be blogging them with great pride.

Unknown said...

Wow! That's a lot of tatting! I'm impressed. :)

Maureen said...

That is beautiful lace - what I call "proper" lace, black and floppy! I might have mananged ONE strip in the time, I really tat far too slowly to be able to achieve anything like that - but I enjoy what I'm doing, all the same.

Valerie said...

wwaaaa... jane, this is certainly an accomplishment. i'm curious what nicole will do with these...

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