4 March 2009

Two pretty pieces from across the seas

These were sent to me a few days ago. Aren't they pretty? A tatter called Jane sent in her daisy picot pictures with the pattern below too.
Now, a bit about Jane in her own words-
I'm a Zimbabwean who has been living in South Africa for a few months. I learnt to tat 30 years ago, mainly from a teach-yourself pamphlet. When I became entirely immersed in spinning and knitting, I didnt tat for many years. But when I had to close my spinning business, it was a good chance to tat again. I discovered the world of tatting on the internet - wonderful! Since then I've really learnt a lot and had a lot of fun.
Yes, you can include my e-mail address if you like.

Her email address is ikorro@vodamail.co.za
I love her comment at the bottom about writing it all down!!

Small motif
Daisy ring using yellow thread as core: 1([8 white]2), repeat 5 times, 1, Cl. 1[8]2[8]2[8]2[8]2[8]1
Using green thread and encapsulation method, 6, ring 4-4, 6
Make another 4 flowers, with 4 chains between, joining the rings 4+4. Make final chain and join to first flower.
Bigger motif
Same method, but I used 12 ds for petals, and chains were 8[r 6-6]8

Goodness, it's more difficult to write a pattern than I supposed. It looks easy when you do it! I hope this makes sense and is technically correct. I rather doubt it, so change things where necessary.


Gina said...

It's looking very "Spring-ish" there! Send some this way please. :-) I think the individual motifs would make lovely 3D flowers too. Just put a stem through the center and add a few leaves under.

Vinnie said...

Wow!These flowers look so colorful and springy!
The doily looks sooooo... pretty!

Susanne said...

Yes these definitely makes you think of spring. Lovely.

linb54 said...

looks like Spring is on the way...thank you for sharing!

linb54 said...

it really looks like Spring is on it's way...thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This looks like it is tatted with three shuttles and when using the green, you encapsulate the yellow and white. Is that right?

This is really cute, and I love the colors. It has a simple elegant look to it.

Very pretty!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Anonymous
This is the technique that was used. Riet made this page and also has a book full of patterns too.

Needledreams said...

Very pretty indeed! I love this technique and use it a lot. Wrote a bunch of patterns but never published them. May be one day I take them out for a spin. :-) Here is already starting to feel Spring-ly warm.

Ladytats said...

Hi Jane, and Hi Jane, that looks very nice, I was looking at the notation and couldn't quite figure it out until you posted the technique by Riet. I had never seen the Daisy Picot notation before. now I understand it. Thanks ladytats

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Happy Beaks
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