24 June 2009

Another new book from ............

The boys are back in town!!!

Yes, the
Houtz brothers have 'done it again' and with the promise of more to come too!!!

Their new book has arrived in the UK at Tatting and Design. I know you can order from their own web site here but I'm pleased to say that Lyn has it now in the UK.

Of course, I had to have a copy, didn't I? There's only really one word for this book. Inspiring.

If you ever think of giving up tatting then go and look through this book and you'll be getting out the shuttles darn quick. Although it's in black and white only this actually makes it more inspiring as the 'greys' make
the imagination run riot. I've just found this page on their website which will give you an idea of some of the things which can be done but there's SO much more in the book.

Thank you, Gary and Randy - an old git in the UK is happy again!

These are only my 'experiments' with the threads and shuttles available in tat corner. Neither to be taken 'seriously'!!!!!


Unknown said...

KEWL!!! I want! LOL! You're commercial worked, LOL!

tattrldy said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you talked me into it - the only question that remains is just how soon I'll get the order in! You should get cudos from them on your "advertisement", it's working great!

Fox said...

Oh, no! Another good book!

Valerie said...

Just how did you create these beauties?! They look so complicated but so pretty.

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Happy Beaks
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