27 June 2009

Seahorse shuttle

Do you remember that I won a shuttle in a raffle at Rosemarie Peel's tatting afternoon? It was this adorable toucan.

Carol Lawecki and Rosemarie both told me about it's provenance here.

Shortly after that Mimi Dillman
(the Queen of the Clunies) wrote to say she'd got the seahorse in the set and had - well, this is what she said:-

"I have what I think is a Sebalace Seahorse shuttle that I won in a raffle sometime I can't remember when or where (an early Shuttlebirds workshop most likely). I've never used it nor have I pulled it out much other than to look at it and wonder who really should have it. Is it you, an ace Seahorse designer and tatter?"

So we did a trade!!! Mimi wanted a bag for her tatting and I offered to give the seahorse a good home too. Look what else came in the parcel - I'm officially a tatter now.

Thanks, Mimi - I'm VERY happy with our trade.
I wonder if there is anybody in tat land who has the fish to complete the set? Wouldn't it be great to have all three together?


ツ Heather ツ said...

arent you lucky that seahorse shuttle is just TO DIE FOR I want one LOL I think though I wouldnt want to use it I would be afraid to harm it in some way LOL

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh that is awesome! I just love Mimi! I DO hope you get the fish too!

TattingChic said...

That is very cool! I love the shuttle! I hope you find the fish. I saw a fish shuttle in a Japanese tatting book, but that's the only time I've even seen one! Mimi is a sweetheart!

Valerie said...

oh, the seahorse shuttle's a gem. you are indeed so lucky, jane. enjoy.

Tatskool said...

The seahorse is beautiful, a real mini work of art, hope you find the fish. That was so nice of Mimi, she is a sweetheart.

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