22 June 2009

The reversible motif

I said I wasn't happy with the way my pattern was written and on the web page but it's taken me ages to get 'in the right frame of mind' to do something about it!!

Finally the amended version is done and floating around in cyberspace!!!

I also managed to squeeze in Judith Smith's celtic cross and edging. If you go to my site and look under 'guest designers' you'll find them there!!!!

It's very odd because I thought I'd run out of space (see yesterday's post) but I've now been able to add the two new patterns without any problem at all. Maybe the host was having a 'bad day'. I'll still try to get my 'name site' back eventually.

So that's two things now scrubbed off my list of 'things to do'!!!!


Valerie said...

This reversible motif is beautiful! Jane, I want your brain... so envious. ;P

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

You are great Jane....I have lots of patterns to share "waiting" for me to finish writing and diagramming. Why is that part so difficult and tedious?

Fox said...

These colours are lovely in this pattern. Very nice! I will have to check the rewrite - next year! never got around to the first one.... there is just SO very much out there that it can be really overwhelming. This morning I found myself having my coffee and just playing around with some old Cebelia, tatting little rings with one picot!

yarnplayer said...

That looks impossibly clever!

TattingChic said...

Very nice, Jane! I love it. I agree with Yarnplayer...you ARE very clever! :)

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