30 June 2009

I am honoured

I feel very honoured to have been involved with the ongoing saga of the SSSR. Miranda wrote and asked if it was possible to join to another element while making the SSSR.

She did find a way (which was extremely clever) but then decided (she was right) that it was too unstable to use.

Jeanne came along with the answer which is stonking clever. Matthew has approved the idea and now between us we've got together and are putting together a web page.

This is taking time as we're all on different planets. DUH, I mean time zones!!! I hope we get ourselves sorted within the next few days.
Long live tat land and all the talent in it.

Whilst doing the drawings in the daytime I've been playing with the idea in the evenings. Remember this bell pattern of mine? Well, look what happens when you use the SSSR (not joined as you work - just the simple variety) in this previously plain bell shape.

In fact you can put in the new red thread during the working of SSSR3. I'll probably not put this alteration on the internet as few people will want it but I will have the pattern on my system should anybody be brave enough to try it!!! Just write in and ask!!!

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Happy Beaks
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