2 July 2009

Bobbie's new page AND

I've now added this page that Bobbie Demmer sent me which adds a further 'slant' to the way she works her bauble.

I'm also pleased to tell you that she's kindly given tat land the pattern for the little wrist bag with the baubles - which can be found here.

Might be worth checking out my site again as I keep adding things and forgetting to tell people!! Not sure if I mentioned the new guest designer - Judith Smith.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the links, Jane! I've put the link for the tatting blag under my "Tatting Patterns I'm Gonna Tat" list so I can find it later!

Gina said...

That's kinda cute, the "Bobbie Bauble". This is the one thing yet to do in my T.A.T. that I haven't tried so this should be helpful. I've been wanting to do the bauble ever since my one and only visit to Bobbie's workshop. I think I actually tried to start one there, or several people were giving me advice to start it and we had to stop and get on with a new project. I never got back to it.

There is a bag in one of the vintage publications with baubles that I have long wanted to make! It's similar to Bobbie's but has a strip in the middle with a rose or some kind of flower.

Needledreams said...

Those baubles are so cute! I finished what I was tatting and now I'll ry these baubles that intrigue me so much. Thanks for the links! The bag is now on my To-Do list.

Ridgewoman said...

Baubles, Bangles, Brite shiny beads...and monkees? I love the monkees.....so much that the 'skin' on my new I-Pod (natal gift) is a MONKEY FACE. Thanks for all the additions, you've been busy mate! X Bev

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