3 July 2009

More shuttles

Liz, who is another friend in tat land, sent me a picture of her complete set of Sebalace shuttles!!

Look - there's an owl there too? Aren't they lovely when they're all sitting together?

Can you see the moon over the top of the owl's head? I think they're gorgeous.

Thanks for showing them, Liz.


Bonnie said...

Super neat!

Valerie said...

Can you see me drool...?! Who made them?

Maureen said...

So you have the fish and the owl to find - nice to have something to hunt for!

Unknown said...

Oh, Drool...drool...drool...what a fabulous collection to have!

Tatskool said...

LOVELY! I want some!

Tanya said...

Very interesting shuttles you have Jane!!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, Wow, the owl is so cool. The catalog didn't show this shuttle. I hope you manage to get the whole set someday! It must be a rare set, because I've not seen this set before in any of the tatting bloggers collection before.

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