28 September 2009


Before I start my morning's ramble I must tell anybody who drops in that I've started listing the bags (and some tatting) in Etsy again.  

Just realised after my post yesterday that I'd actually not put that edging on my web page!!!  Thanks to Maureen too for checking!!!

Then I also remembered that a heart I did for a few special people hadn't been 'made public' either!!!  So, please take a look.  You may not be really interested but as I'd got nothing much else to say today then I'm sorry - tat's the end of tat!!!

Oh, here's a picture of the heart - good practice for the 'other' way of closing a SCMR!!!


Maureen said...

Thank you for this! - I love edgings. Alligator join I could find, but what on earth is an "over the top join"???
I bought a ball of Georgia's really, really fine Japanese thread and this might be the perfect project to use it for. A wedding hanky - I'm already in the throes of choosing a pattern for youngest son's wedding next year!

Just_Jeannette said...

Are those buttons/beads? Oh WOW! Very pretty!

Jane Eborall said...

Jeannette - they are ordinary four hole buttons. Easy pattern.
Maureen - an over the top join is one where you take the chain thread behind the joining place and the shuttle one over. A bit like an alligator one but as you haven't got a way round that particular place you have to do it that way. I'll draw it up as I'll be using it in the next pattern - I think!!!!

Fox said...

Jane, Thanks for posting it! Fox : )

Sally Kerson said...

Need a private lesson with this one, you've lost me big sis!!!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. Hope you had a lovely trip seeing family and a great time at Palmetto also.

Your button heart is very cute. I must make some. THank you!

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