30 September 2009

Palmetto pictures

I'm not going to show you many 'normal' pictures of tat days - mainly because I didn't take many 'normal' ones!!

Each time I'm lucky enough to go I make a pact with myself to take pictures of my students.  Trouble is I get so involved with the teaching that I forget!!  Always want to put too much into a short time.

Anyway, I digress as usual.

The first picture I want to show you is of my winnings after the corn hole game!!!  This is the link to that post.

Pam and Jerry Freck kindly presented me with the popcorn (DIY variety) and the lovely scarf.  I can't wait to get back over to play again.

Thanks must go to Joanie Culverhouse who actually put up with me at her house.  I'm not much of a guest as I'm so distracted by the hummingbirds and the other birds that she feeds.  Joanie - you're a star.


Maureen said...

The scarf is a perfect match for your top - was it lucky chance? Of course, after reading the post about the game, I know that sheer skill and brilliance won you that popcorn!
I did win an egg and spoon race when I was 7 - and a celluloid doll when I was 8 - luck seems to have dried up after those occasions! I wish I had kept the doll, it would have been quite valuable by this time. I remember my mother giving it away when we were about to sail to Australia, saying that there simply wasn't room in the suitcase for it!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, that's SO sad. Wonder what happened to the doll in the end. Hope your luck changes soon.

Sally Kerson said...

Why do you look like you are holding a bomb rather than popcorn?!!!! You look scared to death!! he he

Gina said...

Pictures! Arrggghhhh...here I am down to the last 5 hours of my vacation and I remember I wanted to tat 4 bookmarks for coworker thank yous, edit the photos from FET, and read a book. hmmm....but it's been how long since Palmetto? (smile) I have time.

Anne said...

Love your jewellery.

Yes, you do look a bit startled.


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