1 October 2009

More Palmetto pictures

Now I get teased unmercifully by the Palmetto girls.  It was a few years ago that I discovered where they 'hid' the ice cream at the last venue that they used.  I didn't find it until the last evening meal and then every time I went to get some I was called away!!!  Frustrated?  You betcha!!!

So then Tat Days was moved to White Oak where - HORROR of HORRORS there is NO ICE CREAM!!!!

This year dear Bonnie Gieger was determined not to let me go a whole weekend without ice cream.  Joanie picked me up (along with Hope Green) from Columbia airport and off we went to Bonnie's for lunch.  YUMMY - this wasn't just ordinary ice cream - it was home made ice cream and chocolate too WITH chocolate chips in.

Thank you Bonnie.

Must tell you about the evening after tat days when Hope, Joanie and I 'invited ourselves' back to Bonnie's to eat again.  WHAT a nerve the three of us had, eh? 

We did take the makings of a meal (Joe and Bonnie cooked the salmon which was delicious) and - guess what?  Bonnie made MORE ice cream and this time it was coffee.  Want to see?  Here's a photo.

Now you didn't really think you were going to get any, did you?


Hope Green said...

tat was the best ice cream... and no - Hilarious did NOT get any... I have seldom eaten my fill of ice cream till this tat days... the coffee was my favorite!!

Ridgewoman said...

oooooh Jane! You are sooo mean ~ hanging with Hope and eating ice cream while I braved the 118 degrees of Tucson; and, could not talk my daughter into going to the ice cream shop at the Mall on Broadway!
Life is just not fair! LOL now I'm cravin' ice cream! XXXX P

Maureen said...

You have been spoiled! And somehow, I found myself thinking along the lines of "if the plate's empty, is it icecream?" - quite philosophical,really, like that tree that keeps falling down in the forest!

IsDihara said...

Yum-BO! You are one lucky lady.

Now if I ever make it to Palmetto Tat Days, (I've been pinin' and yearnin' to go for years!) I will be sure to add [begin sumbliminal message] Go to the kitchen. Do it now. [end subliminal message] ice cream to my "must do" list.

Thanks for another mouth-watering post!

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