5 October 2009

Back in the old routine!!!

The glue's out again!!!  These are a few of the bookmarks I've just finished and sent out to the Ring of Tatters.

The Ring gives away bookmarks at shows to promote our obsession with tatting.

They also sell a kit for wannabe tatters to buy and recently they've added a 'tatalong' DVD to their repertoire of aids for new tatters. 

Here's a link which tells you how to buy the DVD and here's a link to the Ring's website.


Bonnie said...

I love this ..... "obsession with tatting".

Jon Yusoff said...

*grin* ... and Jane is only working with brain cell #3. Wonder what it'll be if brain cells #4 or #5 decide to join in *LOL*.

Happy Birthday Jane!

Jennifer said...

Members of the public who stop at the Ring of Tatters' stand at exhibitions love to have their own little bit of tatting to take home with them. Even if they don't go on to learn how to tat they know what tatting is - and that is a plus.
Thank you Jane.

Tatskool said...

Back to the old routine on ya Birthday!!!! Hope you are having a tattysplendious one.

Unknown said...

What is up with my missing all these fabulous posts this last week! You've been busy...did I hear something about a Birthday??? Happy BIrthday??? er...Happy Birthday!

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Happy Beaks
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