8 October 2009

Third pair!!!

This is the third and final pair of the order I had.

This pattern (I've just discovered!) is only available on the Palmetto CD of 2007!!  Why?  Because this daft OG has forgotten to put it on her web site!!  How's that for being dumb?

They are really, really simple and only use rings.  

You could 'improve' them to make them 'tattable' in one but I don't think they're worth the effort of sorting out which beads go where before starting.  One day I may do that but don't hold your breath.  

Actually, that's bad for your health (holding your breath) and can lead to an early demise!!! 

I delivered all three pairs yesterday and she was very pleased with them.  

Now, what shall I do next?  Ah, I know!!  No, not telling - not yet, anyway.


Ridgewoman said...

Hide Ho! I have that year's DVD....yeah! Very cute earrings, look like little bells ~ perfect for Christmas and New Years....X B

Unknown said...

Jane, I am so glad you are going to share this pattern. THank you so much it is one of my most very favorite of yours!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

HELLO JANE!!! This earring is so elegant looking. I think I have that 2007 dvd, I'll have to go check. I love the design!!! Thanks for posting about it. I love it!!

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