30 November 2009

Now for something different.

While you've all been looking at the snowsettia motif I've been quietly (well, no, not quietly - I never do anything quietly!) working on other 'stuff'!!!

Since changing over to the mac all I've wanted to do is play with the new drawing program.  So one of my priorities was to look again at this pattern which has caused people a few heartaches!!!!

This was originally done for the Palmetto Tat Days in 2004 and proved a steep learning curve for those taking part.  The main problem was that I tried to fit too many 'things' into the second SR.  Since then time has moved on and dear brain cell number 3 has moved in!!!!

So I've now re-written this pattern (for the better, I hope!) and will shortly upload it to replace the original.  IF there's anybody daft enough to want the original then I will warn you that it will be gone soon!!!!

This has also proved yet again how tatting has progressed even over the few years since I first did this pattern.  New techniques certainly help!!! 


Sally Kerson said...

I did find the original version of this pattern hard to follow and made a bit of a mess with it. Look forward to having a go with this one though especially now I've seen it in the flesh!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

I made this cute bookmark before. I'll have to put this new version on my to tat list. I always thought this was such a cute bookmark!

Ridgetatter said...

Well, I've had the old one for ages but never tatted it ~ so guess I was wise and didn't know it (would that not be something?). I do want to try the new one though, soon as possible. I have a book mark I really like; but, it really needs a 'head'. I't doesn't have a long tail ~ so no accidental pull out for my mate ~ and would be nice for her. If I can conquer the new head.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the warning! - I have the pattern saved, so I will be able to compare both versions. Although I have to say that I don't think I have ever had trouble with your patterns - well, one or two maybe, and you talked me through those - for the simple reason that they are always so clearly written and diagrammed!

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