2 December 2009

Some earrings

I have been very impressed with Jane and her fantastic attempt at the Snowsettia design.

BUT what pleases me even more is how she's now gained courage from that to make these earrings.  This is the sort of thing which keeps me inspired to carry on making more 'daft ideas' come to life.  Thanks, Jane and all who 'sail with her'.


Carla said...

Beautiful earring!
Good tatting!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Both are lovely designs!!

Unknown said...

Those are lovely earrings! I am especially loving those tatted snowflake ones! I just may make some in teeny tiny thread to wear around at Christmastime this year!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM. Very nice. Have a great day.

Nancy G said...

They are ALL so pretty! Beautiful tatting.

Ridgewoman said...

ok.. what did you do with Jane? love the ear wigs X P

Anonymous said...

Jane they're gorgeous, you're very clever!! Always knew you were more than "just a house wife" : ) -yer Aussie mate!!

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