4 December 2009

Funny Face finished

I've finished the 'new' Funny Face bookmark and it's on my site.  I'm putting one on this blog post again to show you how it looks with a bead in it's mouth!!!!

You may notice that I've altered the home page again.  The reason was that all I'd ever done in the past is use either Front Page or Sharepoint and 'mess' with the first original page that I did.  Because of that the html was in a right mess so the only thing to do was 'bite the bullet' and start again with a clean sheet. Well,  almost.  I'm not going down the route of learning html - too much tatting to do!!!

I didn't have to put all the links in again because I was able to copy and paste them from the orginal but I did make up new tables, borders and rectify lots and lots of stupid formatting.  Do hope it looks a bit better now.  It'll never be perfect cause I just ain't that clever or dedicated to it!!!

My next project should also be ready soon.  Keep checking in!!!! 

Here's the finished bookmark - packed in a cellophane package ready to give away.  I think he's a handsome 'beast'!!!!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

The new page looks very nice...well done! ...and yes he is a handsome beast.

tatting-marie said...

The new page is looking good! As for the beast, I think he is GREAT!!!

Katie said...

Oh, he is very cute! I like the green & blue you chose, & the bead!!

Maureen said...

I was thinking that he would look very seasonal, wouldn't he, in red and green? - his ears are pixie ears!

Tatskool said...

Like this design upgrade a lot, is it on your site yet??

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