21 December 2009

Butterfly again!!!

Having seen Marty's butterfly with the butterfly at t'other end I decided that this was a definite improvement!!!  

I've added her wee tail to the bottom of the butterfly pattern which you can find here.  

I think I might even 'improve' on this tail by adding another split ring for the head of the butterfly.  I'm an odd tatter as I'm not very fond of four ring butterflies and prefer a 'head' on my body.  Now, if that applied to my own body and I'd got a decent 'head' on that too then I wouldn't keep losing brain cell number 3!!!!

Of course I had to 'test tat' it too!!!


Unknown said...

That's cute! Even a small flower would look cute at the other end, too!

Anne said...

Which blue/purple thread did you use for the bookmark? It's very pretty.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Anne - the thread is a Lizbeth number 20 and the shade is number 120

Needledreams said...

I love that butterfly. Will have to put myself into tatting mode and make a few of them.

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