30 December 2009

Houston we have problems!

Well, only a small one!!  Yesterday I managed to sort the TIAS finally during the day.  Lots of 'titivating' of drawings and text.

All I need to do now is to put each day up on the web site AND do the links!!  That'll take time!

Meanwhile a 'follow up' to the TIAS is almost sorted too - one more to go (or maybe two)!!  I'm thinking I may be ready by next week but will know more by tomorrow!!

The problem yesterday was putting Windows 7 onto my little laptop!!   Took/is taking longer than we thought but now it's on and all I have to do is install the 'other' software.  Shouldn't take long as I don't use a lot of fancy stuff on it as mostly I use it for internet access and writing down patterns 'on the hoof' in the evenings.  Beats watching the television any day!!!

So, yesterday evening I made two more butterfly bookmarks. 


Tatman said...

What happened to using the Mac???!!! No wonder you had problems HAHA :-D

Jane Eborall said...

I use the mac in the daytime for all the important stuff but the laptop is what I use to write down patterns 'on the hoof' in the evening in front of the telly. The reason for wanting to play with Windows 7 is that the new batch of Silver Surfers (victims!!!) are now using that and I like to be 'prepared'. There's method and reason in this woman's madness you know!!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Your nephew (the one in Singapore) has a youtube video on his facebook which is an advert for a Mac turned into a Rap! Would give the link but not sure that tat land is ready for it!!!

❦TattingChic said...

Yes, I was curious as to what Tatman had asked, but I see you've already answered that. Well, have fun. We'll see how I feel if I'm up to a TIAS or not. It sounds fun, but one has to feel good enough to do it and right now getting to work is a challenge!

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Looking forward to the new TIAS, Jane! And I'm of those poor folks who don't own a Mac, but I do have a brand new laptop with Windows 7 and love it. I haven't had a single problem with installing new software either. Runs like a charm!

Anonymous said...

Well, Jane, you can sure count on me for the TIAS! I can't wait. Every one that we've done has been the best fun. TattingChic, if you'd like fun "of a new and different kind", TIAS is it!! Join in, you'll be glad you did! Knowing how Jane does things, bet I'll start several!
Happy New Year!
Katie V in NC

Ridgetatter said...


I'm seriously considering loading W 7 on my poor dead Dell. It needs new drivers anyway ~ so may as well have variety in my life.

You have a quiet (like mine) but happy New Year, mate!


Bonnie said...

Yeah a new TIAS!

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