2 January 2010

Announcing the start

It's all ready to go!!!

TIAS 2010 (well, hopefully the first of many this year).  

Here's the link to the introduction and the start date will be 

TAH DE DAH - hmmmm, hang on a minute let me think.  

What have I got to do next week?

Which day shall we make it?

Ah, here we go - Tuesday 5th January. 

Ah, before you go may I just say thanks to all those people who left comments yesterday.  I honestly didn't think I'd said much that was worth commenting on!!!  I made the leaves during the evening, scanned them on the new 'toy' and then did that 'off the cuff' post!!!  Maybe I shouldn't think before posting in future as I normally do?!?!?!?


Tatskool said...

Oh the Excitement of it all, downloaded the intro...now off to read it....sending shivers down my spine...with anticipation.

Vanessa said...

TIAS looks fun. Is it open to anybody?

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, yes, yes, Vanessa. All you need is a sense of humour and a knowledge of rings, chains and split rings. Tips and tricks will be shown along the way too!!!! Join the fun!!!

Tatfully Yours said...

Oh good. I am off work on Tuesday, so I know what I'll be doing!!!!! I know I have not been on posting much do to internet carriers problems but I'm back now, so look out!!LOL

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

I cant wait Jane!!!
I will be participating WITH SHUTTLES!!!
I want to thank you AGAIN for all your help!!!
I am excited for this :)

Valerie said...

OH Jane! Nice start to 2010 with a TIAS. Looking forward. :)

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