28 December 2009

A leaf for the quilt square

Sometime over the last week or so I made this leaf for the quilt square.

I did write the pattern down sort of so I should be able to make another if I need to!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I like your leaf. I think you should put it on your pattern page.
Mobile, Al.

Sharon D. said...

Love the leaf. Now that would look great in Yarnplays Sugar Maple HD thread that I have. Along with some of the other HD threads I have.

yarnplayer said...

Fabulous leaf!

Maureen said...

The beads are what caught my eye - wonderful "leafy" colours, I wonder if you actually hand-picked them in that combination?

TAT19540 said...

Pretty, pretty leaf! Definitly needs a mate, so I guess you will have to make one!lol. And I agree with Elizabeth I'd like to see that pattern on your page.

sewmuchfun4 said...

That is going to be a GORGEOUS addition to your quilt block! The colors you have picked will look wonderful with the block's fabric and I LOVE how it is DRAPED with beads!
:) Ann

Val said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, everybody. Well, Maureen, all I did was choose a selection of different coloured beads from my stash and added them to the very long picots in random order when I got to them!!!! The 'picots' are made on the core thread. MUST do a tutorial on that when I've finished what I'm doing at the moment!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Cool looking leaf Jane!! I also like how the beads are added. And if you change the shape slightly, it could be a fish.

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