18 January 2010

A coincidence!!!

T'other day I was browsing the blogs (as an old git HAS to do to avoid doing the dreaded H word) and was looking at the HDT's on offer.  I'm a fussy OG when it comes to variegated threads so have never really been that interested until I saw celery by Yarnplayer.  This one caught my eye.  I've got some lovely Lizbeth threads and others in green but really you do need an variegated one for leaves as I found out when I was playing with the beaded one a week or two ago.

Well, having convinced myself (yet again) that I didn't 'need' more thread I wandered off to other blogs.  Well, imagine my surprise AND joy when a packet came from Sue Anne Scriber on Saturday with - go on, I know you're better at guessing this than the TIAS - yes, some celery HDT in it.  Not only 20 but 40 AND some sugar maple in 80!  There were two wee butterflies that Sue Anne had made out of the celery and which confirmed what I'd guessed - there is a lovely graduated colour change in the dying.
Oh in the picture you'll see some chocolates there.  Ummmmm, there was one more but it got 'lost' on the way upstairs to the scanner.

Thank you, Sue Anne for the surprise package AND especially for the lovely letter which came with it - I'm still blushing.


Unknown said...

That is really sweet! Enjoy your new celery HDT! I think Yarnplayer has another winner of an multi-colored thread with that one! :)

Stephanie said...

I agree, Jane! Yarnplayer's Celery is absolutely perfect for leaves. Her 'Forest' was another great one for leaves, but I don't think she has anymore of that particular colorway. Loving the TIAS, too. Will post Days 5 & 6 later today. Once again, life intrudes....grrr.

Hillside Threads said...

Oh! Tch! Now look what you've gone and done. I am just gonna have to go over there and get some. Soooo luscious, hope she's got some left. Thats one new year's resolution out the window.

Typstatting said...

I think Yarnplayers Celery is a great colour for greenery. And the Chocolates looks delicious enjoy!!!!

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