23 January 2010

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

I'm worried.  VERY worried.  My inbox isn't quite empty but it's not heaving with finished day 8's like I expected.

Is it because everybody in Tat Land had given up on the TIAS?  

Is day 8 too hard or is it because it's badly written?

Is it because it was just a 'Friday' thing and nobody's had time to do it?

Is it because nobody wants to play anymore?

I wish I knew.   

All answers on a postage stamp to moi!!!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I hope to send something to your inbox by the end of today... probably not day 8, though!

Anonymous said...

well I have done it Jane, but I don't know if it's right!Jacqui

deanna7trees said...

It is, by far, the most difficult part yet, especially for us beginners. I was also confused by the colors in the diagram because, to my understanding, they do not match the instructions. You are so helpful and it is much appreciated.
deanna in Texas

Melanie aka picotsnkeys said...

I have finished day 8. It's starting to come together nicely. Unfortunately, I will not be able to send a picture until Monday. Busy weekend with Mom duties taking priority. The Senior in High School will need the computer and camera for her projects, so we'll all have to be patient. But, I love playing!!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

I did it right away! I am ready for day 9 WHERE is it? lol
Not to worry Jane I am sure everyone is getting done! And its not badly written I after all did it lol

Ridgewoman said...

I think I'm loosing my mind….this bird is beginning to look like BIG BIRD; so, I'm wondering if I have my long picots pointed the WROG way…LOL
Never fear, I never give up. I'l carry on….xxx P

Is anyone else having trouble posting their comments?

sewmuchfun4 said...

Give up? No way! Poorly written? Bite your tongue! Not having fun? HA HA HA, that just makes me laugh!

I printed Day 8 out in the WEEEEE hours of yesterday, knowing I wouldn't be able to tat it up until tonight because we are laying wood floors in one of the kid's rooms. I have looked at it longingly several times and hope my poor hands aren't too stove up to tat up my tropical rooster(?) tonight...

:) Ann

JB said...

Oh my gosh. I love these projects. I am having camera issues so have not been able to send pictures. But I am anxiously waiting for day 9. I love the pace that you are going. Your instructions have been easy to follow.

Thank you for hosting the TIAS for us.


Martha said...

Is the picot size open or closed?

BeadweaverDeb said...

You're good Jane, I love waiting on the next piece of the pattern......even though it takes me a couple of tries before I get it right. LOL I am learning form this also, so keep it up!
Thanks Jane! you're Awesome!

Typstatting said...

Day 8 wasn't soooo bad a bit difficult but fun just the same!!!!!!! Bring on day 9!!!!!!

Valerie said...

i did up day 8 but haven't got the guts to scan it... think i tat it up too tight. (now the 'bird' is gasping for breath! lol) it's getting really exciting, jane. post more...

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