19 January 2010

Secret Santa arrived

My Secret Santa package arrived last week.  Yup, it was late BUT that was really good because it was a surprise!!!   Also nobody else had one last week so I was the only one to be bragging!!!

I'd convinced myself that it was totally lost on it's way from 'wherever' but it arrived safe and sound and it was from that all time one off STINKER called Erin!!!!!!   I'm calling her a stinker cause she teased me about it unmercifully saying that there was a ransom note from her postie on it too.  

What was in it?  As we say here in the little old UK - 'everything but the kitchen sink'!!!!

Here's a picture for you to see.  There will be more on this subject at a later date.  Believe me, Erin, there will be more!!!!


geraldine said...

wow jane what a luckie girl you are i'd love a mixed presant like this. bits to make, things to store bits and most of all something to eat.

Ridgewoman said...

Santa's sleigh must need a little work! A tune up perhaps. LOL
I am intrigued by the large, red tatted, item in the back. A book? AND a bag is always welcome for we 'bag ladies' And arriving at the 'right time'
pretty special for a special lady. XXX P

Jane Eborall said...

The large red item at the back is a 'cut out' bag. There's a wee white tatted snowflake hanging from it. The bag is going to be very useful. You're right - we're both bag ladies!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Pleased your SS arrived safely, and it sure was worth waiting for!

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