10 March 2010

Chicken wing coaster part 2 (or should it be 3)?

OK, now where we left off was with the two threads wound together (HWT) and the HDT in size 40.

The next part of the experiment was with 3 threads wound together and this is what happened.
Well, that wasn't enough - curiosity got the better of me!!!  I wanted then to know what would happen with an ordinary size 20 thread so this is the result!!!
Finally to see the results I put the smallest on top and worked my way down. The one worked with three threads turned out to be exactly the same size as the number 20 thread.  Here they are!!!  I guess this opens up a whole new world of colour if you want to make a large project and want to vary the colours.  WHOOOPPPPEEEEEE.

I think that was about the silliest task I've ever set myself as it really proved nothing in the end except that I've got too much time on my hands!!!!


Bonnie said...

Oh Jane, you always make me smile.

Thank you for doing this experiment, now I know how many threads equal a size 20 thread, it's important to know, you know.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The blue one's my favorite, but then I've always been partial to blue chicken wings! ; )

Fox said...

An interesting experiment.... I'm with Diane, for I really like the blue one. However, on writing that, i find that I am partial to the top one as well - the colours are appealing.
Fox : )

Marty said...

It certainly wasn't a waste -- you've created a whole new, and very attractive, pattern. I really like the green and yellow one. It looks like flowers on a lawn.

Sharon D. said...

Love all three. I do like the green and yellow one I agree with Marty it does look like flowers on a lawn.

Isdihara said...

Jane, this "silly little experiment" wasn't silly at all. It was incredibly interesting. It would have taken me WEEKS to work out the tatting alternations, let alone tat the samples. No, no...not a waste. Not at all!

It is a great, new pattern. And the genesis of the name is the best part. Thank you, thank you, Jane (and Brain Cell #3) for sharing.

Needledreams said...

I have never liked so much chicken wings as these ones! :-)

TAT19540 said...

You are having way too much fun-good for you! I like all of them and I really like your color choices! Now you just need to find a spot to display them all!

Maureen said...

I lost my bearings for a while - I thought I must have been reading Tatskool's blog!! Interesting that the three thin threads matched up to the size 20 - but aren't they hard to work with?

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