12 March 2010

News of new pages AND a new video

I've finally got it sorted.  I've got the Chicken Wing Coaster, the Sassie Lassie Hats AND the the 'slip and slide' pages up on my web site.  

Pheeewwwwww.  Nearly time for brain cell 3 to take a rest!!!  

DO take a look - here's the link.

Also HOTP (that's Hot Off The Press) and after a discussion with Mark Myers (Tatman) I'd like to point you here to his way of holding the shuttle!!!!  Tell you - we're all different!!!!!


  1. It looks like Mark and I tat exactly the same way. And yes, it's fast.

  2. I guess I tat using the "slip and slide" method after all. So, what exactly is the 'round the house method then?

  3. The 'round the house' method involves a lot more work!!!! Different ways of doing that too. A lot of people almost drop their shuttles. From what I remember I used to do a 'double' slip and slide.

  4. Oh. So this is what tats are. It was kinda funny when I was wondering about this expression "Tit for Tat". So if I buy your tats, will I get tits? Hahaha! Just kidding. :P

    But seriously, these are very creative stuff and I just realized them. Nice job!


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