9 March 2010

Chicken wing coaster

Having seen Marty's comment a week or so ago about the Chicken Wing Coaster that Margaret had made out of Norman's wing, I went into my tatting cupboard and found my dear, dear friend brain cell # 3.  

He'd been enjoying a 'bit of a nap' so I woke him up, dusted him off and inserted him into place.

Mission?  To take Margaret's idea and make it in one 'hit' like Marty suggested.  
Here's the result worked with HWT.  The threads I used are (greens) Oren Bayan 70 variegated green alongside Star machine quilting size 50 in a bright light green.  Here I must say many thanks to the Palmetto tatters for the magnifying glass which came in the goodie bag last year!!!!  For the oranges I used Oren Bayan variegated navy, maroon and yellow with Star machine quilting size 50 in a bright orange.
Now, having achieved this very pretty coaster I decided that the centre was too crowded so back to the drawing board - well, the one on the computer, for another sorting out!!! 
This time I decided to use Krystaldawn's variegated thread with a plain bright red Olympus 40.  Now this one ROCKS.
I also wondered what the difference in size would be between the two coasters so this next scan shows the one on top of t'other.  Not a lot but I'm on a roll with playing with threads!!!
Boy, do I ramble on about nothing?  Is all this REALLY important?  I think not but it keeps me amused!!!!


geraldine said...

wow, jane what wonderful colour's and how they have worked with your chicken wings is just great.can't wait for the one hit pattern.wonder what it would look like with some sparkly beads added.

Vanessa said...

These are gorgeous. Particularly the smaller green one.

Is this how you got the idea for your double sided motif? By putting two items on top of each other and thinking 'How can I connect these two motifs?'

Riet the B-engel from Holland said...

Not only amused but it also keeps you from the street Result You are a nice sweet girl that behaves well
BTW I like those coasters.
My Butterfly is going well, i am just fighting with how to explain and how to call all the different things.

Marty said...

Wow -- it really turned out great! I don't even mind the "crowded" center on the first one. The slightly spiral look of the center on the second one is just, just...wow!

Ridgetatter said...

I LIKE the first "crowded" center, cause it is after all a coaster; and, my glass of ice 'sweats' ~ LOL I really like the green and oranges.
I don't know about using beads though…if it's to be used as a coaster. On the other hand, if they were even, they would slightly elevate the glass. Interesting concept.

Art by JoyMac said...

Absolutely lovely...I like them all..but favourite is the first...Bravo
Joy in OZ

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