19 June 2010

I wasn't going to bother!

I wasn't going to bother with the earring on that pattern but I DID!!!!
Here it is in all it's 'glory' (or should that be GORY)!!!

All I've got to do now is the page with them on.  Won't take long so keep your eyes on 'this space'.  NO, not the space where my brain should be but THIS space on my blog!!!


Fox said...

Those are spiffy, green buttons! Great look!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I think it's a great pattern for earrings. And what cute green heart buttons.

Martha said...

Oooh, I love those little heart buttons too! I'm glad you decided to include the earring pattern.

Margie said...

Some good looking earrings, but one question, am I suppose to be able to click on the word "THIS" and go to another page? If so, it doesn't work! Was going to go see if it happen to be your pattern page. Take Care

Typstatting said...

Those earrings would really stand out in a crowd!! Really nice and bright.

Marty said...

Wow! Those are simply wonderful! The color's great, the buttons are perfect, the beads are just the right touch. Not only that -- I got some shell hearts with two holes in them at a 90% off going out of business sale just a month ago. Clairvoyance is a new thing for me. ;)

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