8 June 2010

I won another giveaway!

I entered TypsTatting giveaway a few weeks and I won - just because I'm STUPID!!!!

That's what I like about living in tat land - I can be as silly as I like without people looking down their noses at me like so called 'normal' people do!!!!!

This is the Yoyo maker she sent me (purple thingy on the right).  See the fabulous instructions?  Loads of them and easy to follow.

BUT at the top left is what I came up with on my first attempt!!!!  Sad,  isn't it?  I think the fabric I used was maybe a bit stiff so I'll have a go with another flimsier piece. 

Also in the packet was a delightful cloth which is now on an antique (yup, even older than me!!!) table.  Looks SO pretty as it's a very fine cotton with pretty embroidery on.


Typstatting said...

Hi Jane!!!! That was a terrific post I really love your sense of humour my husband has one a bit like yours as well so life is not dull here, I am pleased that you liked your giveaway!!!! Could you please tell me where you buy you dangly bits that go on your dangles for hanging off the mobile phones etc.

Tatfully Yours said...

Hi Jane I was wondering if you could sent some of your luck this way. We have a lotto draw coming up of $50 million dollars and 20 draws of $1 million each. I might share with you if I win!!!!

Fox said...

Jane - who cares about the 'normals' anyway! Congrats!

Tatfully Yours - A $50M lottery? Am I living under a rock? Or a shuttle? Get me to the convenience store forthwith with my loonies!
Fox : )

shannon_in_love said...

so that's for making cloth flowers? so cool. congrats on winning. wish i had 'winning luck'

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Congratulations, Jane! Looks like you've had a really good week.

Margarets designer cards said...

congratulations on winning your prize, enjoy playing with your new toy, your blog is looking great and I will be back again after my holiday. take care Margaret

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