27 September 2010

Jane's new necklace

Here's another version of Jane's necklace which she's now turned into another necklace!!!  Here's what she said:-

"Hi Jane, I like the necklace version of your friendship bookmark.  Yesterday I finished this necklace, which is also a 'variation on a theme' necklace. I have added another row to the one whose pattern you're hosting.  It's for me! I have made a dress that has a very wide, deep neckline, and wanted to fill in the space a bit. So that's why I wanted it a bit wider.
Unfortunately I don't have a pretty niece to model it!! Anyway, I thought you might like to see."

Thanks, Jane.  Always good to hear from you and see what you're up to!!!!


Miranda said...

That's very pretty. If I remember correctly, Jane lives in South Africa, right? This reminds me of the wide beaded necklaces you see in some African cultures.

If you left the fastener off, you could also turn this around and use it as a collar for a round-necked dress.

Fox said...

This is lovely.
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

That's really sharp! :)

Lindy said...

Where might I find instructions for the necklace, I have the birdie -- haven't been able to make it yet. Thanks so much for sharing and please post to me anytime on tatting

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Lindy. Here's the direct link to Jane's necklace. http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/janenecklace.pdf
You can find it in the 'guest designers' section at the bottom of my main page. Hope this helps.

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