25 January 2011

Done and dusted!!

Here is the chicken wing doily with MANY thanks to Geraldine for pushing brain cell 3 towards this!!!

Also, believe it or not, the Fandango bookmark!!!!  I'm going to reward myself now with some chocolate this evening.  
Next task is catching up on bookmark orders!!!!  Also I need to make a kitty cat for bookmarks too but brain cell 3 isn't QUITE ready to tackle that.  7 bookmarks first, old lady, 7 bookmarks first!!!!
More news on missing mail - Maureen's has turned up in Brisbane despite the floods.  Still several not arrived in the USA.


  1. I like your Fandango bookmark. Why Fandango? Was it because you did a dance when you had finished tatting it?


  2. Hi Jane,
    I love your wonderful motif and what gorgeous colours, you are certainly getting busy wit another seven to make.

  3. Lovely colors on the Chicken wing doily.

  4. These are fantastic!
    Fox : )

  5. Your doily is awesome and looks like an autumn doily!
    And your bookmark is beautiful! :)

  6. Jane -

    The doily and the bookmark are just fantastic. I wish I had the energy you have!!!!


  7. Merci pour ces deux modèles je les aime beaucoup.....J'aime votre travail de frivolités... Je visite votre site tous les jours...

  8. Obviously this is the start of a wonderful relationship with doilies!! The bookmark has also turned out well. I agree with Sunela I wish I had the time an energy.


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