24 January 2011

Panda talk

Today it's time for day 5 of the TIAS. This is the halfway point but there's still plenty  of time for people to start and catch up!

Meantime here is a picture of Erika's panda which she sent me a few days ago.  She's looking for a boyfriend for him - does anybody have a panda who needs a partner?

Oh, heck, does this mean I've now started an animal dating agency? Get a life, old woman, get a life!!!

I'd not long finished the above talking about Erika's panda when who should pop in but Sarah's pair below!!!  

Now I'm seriously wondering if this really is going to be the start of a new animal service.  Sarah said:-
"I thought I would show you what I have been doing while waiting for day 5 of TIAS... I had a hard time with the SCMR. I had never tried it before and for some reason the loop kept knotting when I tried to close it ... don't know what I was doing wrong but with some fiddling and a lot of un-tatting ( I seem to spend much of my tatting time un-tatting rather than tatting! ) I think I got it worked out. Think I will try another one to see if I can do it with out so much taking apart!  Lol ...I am in awe of you and many of the other tatters I see on the internet who seem to be able to whip up something in no time at all... these little critters took me hours and hours over three days! Well I do think they are cute and well worth the time...Thank you for sharing the pattern and the instructions for the SCMR...  don't know what I will do with them but I'm sure something will come to mind."


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

You have definately started something big, I love the panda's they are great.

Gina said...

That little bow in Erika's is such a cute touch!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

LOL Jane, you are so funny!! How cute Erika's Panda turned out. Just a touch of a red flower makes her so feminine. Love the googley eyes too!! I'm keeping up with the TIAS too. Can't wait to do day 5 later today!!

Valerie said...

jane, sounds like you've got some potentials to start a tatted animal/critter service! i like erika's panda's expression - those eyes! what are you thinking of next?

Unknown said...

Adorable! Oh, this would've been such a FUN TIAS to participate in! DANG! I can't wait to get moved and get my tatting/craft-room/office set up! WOO HOO!

Jane Eborall said...

Oooh, that's stirred things up!!!! Thanks for popping in folks.
I must say, Gina and TotusMel I agree with you over the looks - what about a front side piece placed the 'wrong way up'? I think it looks a LOT worse than if it had been tatted the regular way.

Icela - I actually don't get confused at all over front/back side tatting. Please read my post again - there's no mention of confusion just that I don't think it's important and certainly doesn't show or say in old patterns that this was the 'expected' look required. I can decide which I'm going to do from project to project.

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