22 January 2011

Still counting sheep!!

Another day, another sheep.  Baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa.

I nearly didn't bother but then thought long and  hard and had a strong, firm word with my brain cell 3 and told him he COULD do it with a little more effort!!! 
I can't stand seeing patterns that are 'nearly there' but not quite and only because of another day's work and a bit of 'tweaking'.  I've got some on the pattern page like that which I really ought to sort out.  So I took myself in hand and (with the help of my Friday glass of red wine ) settled down to another sheep.

So here they are - the 'not so good one' and the 'bit better one'!!!  Am I there yet?  Is this sheep ready to be made into a magnetic bookmark for Gina S?  Answers on a postage stamp addressed to 'the OG'!!!


  1. Brilliant, much more recognisable.
    Maybe if you could elongate her body just a tiny bit?


  2. We have a winner! Sheep #2 is perfect, bless its wooly little heart!

    Good job, Jane!

  3. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Cute. Maybe omit the picots along the back- he seems to have had a hair-rising fright!

  4. I LIKE the picots...a clean, fluffy sheep! I think Sheep #2 is perfect ~ no more tweaking. Stop! My art instructor (back in the ice age) told me that ever artist/designer needs a friend with a rubber mallet to ‘thonk’ the artist to Stop ~ on verge of overworking! LOL THONK Jane! xxxx P

  5. I like the bottom one... legs seem to make the difference!

    baaaa baa baaaaa ba baaaa

  6. I love the second one! Its adorable! Thank you so much for doing this for me :) :) :)

    Gina S

  7. I like them both -- the top one looks like a sheep in a hurry and the bottom one looks ready to graze.


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