21 January 2011

Does this look like a sheep?

Today it's day 4 of the TIAS.  Here's the link.

After a few days of struggling this sheep has finally (I think!) been 'born'.  No, not quite.  Three of my best critics have flown their eyes over it and said it's still 'wrong'.  I'll have another go at it in a few days after a 'rest'!!!

Strange that Nick is asking for a lamb roast for Sunday dinner - must stop showing him and asking him for his opinions.  I mean, what if I make something like a dinosaur, eh?  Where would an OG buy a dinosaur for Sunday dinner?  Also how would you get it in the oven?  

Oh, Jane, what on earth are you rambling about?  The TIAS is going to your head.

More good news - shuttles posted in December are slowly arriving in the USA.   


Anne said...

Good start, it's on it's way.
Body a bit square and I think the neck should be shorter.
Legs should be straight down and not angled.

Sorry, but you did ask!


Margarets designer cards said...

I think the sheep is great, at least it looks like a sheep. well done

sdm said...

Haha, it looks like one of the sheep I picture jumping over the fence (when counting sheep to fall asleep) !!
Cute !! You could glue these on to a greeting card for insomniacs :-D

Ridgewoman said...

I think the legs are fine; after all it is a whimsical sheep, not an exact reproduction. Sheep bodies tend to be rectangular, but the onion ring lends itself to critter bodies because it is a dense, substantial technique. I love the picots that give it a lamb-look. I can see them frolicking! If I were being REAL picky, i’d set the ear forward a ds and loose the picot under the chin. But I COULD NEVER design a sheep at all, so who am I to be picky. lOL Love lambkins.

Sally Kerson said...

I think it looks like the porcupine which is on our family coat of arms, it fell into some bleach but kept its wellies on!!!! That doesn't help does it? I'm no good at designing so will have to pass on any sensible suggestions.

Tatman said...

My answer to where and how to cook a dinosaur is to ask Wilma Flintstone. She is the GURU cook for Dinosaur cuisine!! She also has one bitchin' oven!

Nick might like that!!

Maureen said...

It's the legs.......it looks a bit like a sheep-DOG, with it's legs galloping forward like that. Sheep seem to always be just standing around, maybe the legs should be straight down?
I bet your lamb roast - even if Australian Lamb - will cost you a lot less than it costs me here at the moment! Pork can be had for peanuts, beef is cheap enough, but lamb has become a luxury! Yesterday Woolworths was selling cutlets for $42 a kilo!
Debbie Arnold designed a banana for me a few years ago, when a cyclone had flattened all the plantations in the north, so that bananas were a distant memory - a sheep would be a welcome reminder of tastier times........

Karrieann said...

.. It kinda looks like a sheep... just kinda.
A though or an idea for the center motif part... what if you added three picots separated evenly on each chain.... then when done, be sure to have all picots up on top.. for added fluff effect?
Whadda think?

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