20 January 2011

What am I doing?

Before I start - tomorrow (Friday) will be day 4 of the TIAS.

Next some good news - Royal Fail has reverted to Royal Mail.  Not sure how long it will last as they're now pulling out all the extra workers who've been taken on to clear the backlog - but we'll see.  Also USA Snail has finally delivered Martha's book which was sent around the time of the 'missing shuttle packages'.  I'm hoping they all turn up this week or next week too.  Must've all been because of the snow back in December here in the UK.  One snowflake and the UK grinds to a halt!!!

Well, what am I doing while the TIAS is going on?  I finished off the bookmarks and listed those yesterday and then had a look at doing a sheep for the same purpose - to make into a magnetic bookmark.  I did one yesterday evening and was going to show it here but I DON'T like it!!!!  I'll try and improve on it this evening.  Next?  Well that will be a cat for bookmarks.  Again I've had a try at one but it was dreadful so it'll be 'back to the drawing board' - or the tatting shuttles!!!!


Maureen said...

That is good news indeed,about Royal Mail - because my poor little penguin must be worn out by this time, swimming through the floods to get here! Just as well he has webbed feet!
Looking forward to the new sheep.

Margarets designer cards said...

I am so glad the royal Fail is got sorted, I have no idea what they are doing, I had a parcel that did not turn up (christmas present for hubby) after christmas I got in touch with Amazon and they re-sent it, now they have received it back unknown, they had the address correct but some postman somewhere sent it back to amazon. I think the snowflakes went to their heads.
Have a nice day looking forward to day 4. tias

Ridgewoman said...

I join with others in rejoicing that it is once again the Royal Mail. Pippa’s breeder in Santa Fe is once again sending my cat’s papers, contract and a lovely beaded, leopard pattern bracelet. The first time she sent it; was returned as ‘no such address” Rather like Margaret’s experience. This happens too frequently up here on the ridge. But this house was built in the late 70’s; one would think they’d know we are here by now! sigh
There is NOTHING royal about New Mexico’s mail service.
xx P

Jeff Hamilton said...

I don't remember if I emailed you, but I got my shuttle a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it's not one that you are waiting for. I love it, as always. I don't even think I've blogged about it.

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