17 January 2011

At LAST!!!

At last I've got a tiny owl's face that I'm happy with.

Two whole afternoons have been 'wasted' on this wretched little critter's face!!  I think it was worth it in the end, though.

I used my original pattern taken from here but that was done in two parts - just for the face!!!  This time I've finally managed to get it down to one round with the 3 beads included in the tatting.  I NEVER EVER sew or stick beads onto tatting - I feel that's cheating and certainly isn't safe as beads can so easily fall off. I needed to resolve the problem in case I wanted to make more of these owls as too many cuts and 'sewings ins' take too much time - they're a 'lost leader' anyway!!!

Sorry about the wonky looking picture but the magnets kept trying to get together again.

Tomorrow I NEED to go back to colour and beads.  OR another sort of critter - wonder what it'll be?


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,
They look lovely I am glad you managed to get there eyes sort out.

God's Kid said...

Those are cute! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute!

but I miss the little guy that lost an eye LOL

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Such a cute little owl. I have made him quite a few times. I was wondering if you will be ammending your pattern to reflect the new face done in one round?

I can't wait to see what critter will come up next on your bookmarks? Maybe a baby elephant or a lady bug???

I am working on the TIAS, hope to send you a pic today. Have a good one Jane!!!

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