15 January 2011

Look what Mark did!!!!

First of all just to remind you - day 2 is ready to go!!!!  Here's the link.

Isn't Mark a STINKER?

Look what he did to my picture!!!  Now who is he calling an old git, do you think?  
This is one very, very funny tatting man with a talent for tatting and manipulating pictures!!!!  DOO visit his web site for loads of tatting tips and truly wonderful patterns.  Well, I guess that's what he does for a living!!!!  Taking the mooo out of old gits!!!!!

More news on Royal Fail and USA snail!!!  Apparently it's more like 190,000 pieces of post behind at the local sorting office (according to the postie).   I have outstanding packages that I mailed (shuttles etc) on and around the 14th December to the USA which still haven't arrived - three or four of them.  Now, is this my end or their end - the mystery continues.  SOOOO cross about it all but what can an old git do?


Jon Yusoff said...

Oh this is hilarious. Can't stop laughing. Maybe you should replace your blog header with this one.

I have to send you some things that should have been handed to you when I was in England (but now we know that, that did not happen). Seeing that you are still having Royal Fail days, I will delay that until the situation is better.

Sally Kerson said...

Well next time I am in town will look at that shop and imagine Mark's makeover! What would have Shakespeare said, perhaps this. "We should be moo'd and were not made to moo."
Helena - A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Fox said...

That is funny!
Fox : )

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Now how's having a laugh at your expense, I dont know how he did it but perhaps the make over picture should be given to the shop and then they can redo their shop front, I think his picture is better than the orginal.
I hope the royal fail will get their finger out this next week and sort out the problems after all the weather has been better and there is no excuse now.

tattrldy said...

LOL! This is great! Jon's got an idea - make it part of your header! Or at least something on your sidebar - it's too good to only share once!

Sally Kerson said...

Just noticed on a second glance that he has even changed the name to Mo Street! I used to work in that street when it was Meer Street!!!!

Beelizabeth said...

That picture is just too funny!! At least now I know where my shuttles are- I was beginning to wonder if they were lost in the mail, now I know they were lost in the Royal Fail. I'll try to be patient.

Ridgewoman said...

Isn’t it odd that the envelope you mailed me as the same day as the packages reached me in New Mexico (USA) Thursday? Two beautifully tatted silver crosses. Thanks so much; this will ‘jog’ my mental block on the rosary. So, I’m sure your parcels can’t be far behind in getting to their recipients.
I’ve done day 2 (early this am) but have yet to scan...I’ll get that done for (your) tomorrow. xxx bj

Anonymous said...

Love the make-over!
Dis-Love the Royal Fail... want me to come talk to them for ya? LOL

and I thought OUR mail was bad

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