13 January 2011

Big booo bbbboooooo

OK,  Do you like this little owl?

This is one that didn't make it into the shop!!!  He's currently sitting on my side table in tat corner waiting for a grandchild to come round and 'choose' him.  
I made him for a magnetic bookmark but he got into trouble and got cut off in his prime!!!

Why?  Well let me turn him over for you.
Now you can see why he'll NEVER become a bookmark!!!!  I mangled his eye with the 'new' iron.  Silly, silly, SILLY woman!!!

So then I went back to the onion ring owl instead!!!

I'm now making more critters for the shop - two more pigs.  I LIKE pigs!!!!  As I seem to have sold loads of these bookmarks over the past three days I'm now making more!!!!  Well, as Nick says, they do keep me quiet.  I'm going to make more button flowers and butterflies as that means I can play with my wonderful stash of HDT and Lizbeth threads.  Oh, and beads!!!!  Then I'll go back to critters again!!!! 


  1. Until you mentioned the eye I looked and looked for mistake. Thought did she make mistake in work, no not there it looks perfect. You could tat a patch over that eye and call him a pirate owl. lol He is still cute.

  2. I told you the pigs would fly out....

  3. Oh dear Oh dear, poor thing mangled eye, how is he going to see?, I am sure the grandchild will love him just the same.

  4. ...He'd make a cute zipper pull for a grandchild!

  5. Poor owl. He doesn't look too bad from the front and still can be used and loved! :)

  6. Aw... I feel bad for him!

    I think the mangled eye makes him cute! but it's understandable that he'll never get to leave the nest, now...

    Poor little fella!

  7. I like your little owl -- nobody's perfect and those with little physical flaws should be just as loved as those without...

    Oooo, more pigs. It is possible to pre-order a pig bookmark?

  8. Yes, Marty - the next little piggie has your name on it!!! Send me an email privately and I'll show you him - tomorrow!!!!

  9. Please send some of your energy to me! We're the same age, but you accomplish more in a day than I do in a week! Always enjoy your posts and your fantastic creativity! You're truly amazing!

    I also couldn't see the 'problem' until you mentioned the poor eye! It IS a cute pattern, though!!

  10. Hey, you could mangle its other eye, too. Then it would look as if done on purpose... ;-)
    But I like your owl as it is!!!
    Greetings from Germany,


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