14 January 2011

I have a habit!

Not a disgusting one or naughty (well, not really) but it's a habit!!!
I tend to call people a 'daft old moo'.  Well I also call myself that too (when I'm not being an OG!!).  This is a friendly sort of thing and it's something I've always done.  Probably stemming from my days of temping round and about and not being able to remember people's names!!!  I used to call people 'old moo's' back then!! 

Anyway, the following is a picture I took when I was in town early the other day - before the tourists were around!!!  I thought it was amusing (well, it amused me!!!).

More news on Royal Fail.  

Before Christmas the local sorting office were behind by 45,000 pieces of mail.  We're still getting Christmas cards - a neighbour had one from somebody 'down the road' two days ago which was posted at the beginning of December.  

Well yesterday the local newspaper stated that Royal Fail were now - wait for it - 90,000 pieces behind.  Now I'm beginning to suspect that this is affecting outgoing mail too.  The story continues.  Time for another walk to the sorting office to demand to 'speak to a manager', I think!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

I like it, glad you took a picture of it no one would believe you if you had not. I think your royal problems are general, I wonder if they will ever catch up before we have more bad weather,

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Love the picture! I'm thinking of starting a file to keep track of mail I know I'm supposed to be getting. You have the Royal Fail. I wonder what we should call the U.S. postal system?

TAT19540 said...

Great picture. We have a 'Twisted Cow' ice cream shop that you walk under an udder as you walk in. They have great ice cream there!
I'm ready for you to give the mail system a piece of my mind too! I agree with Diane our postal system has it's moments too.

Gina said...

I guess I don't understand the mail problem. Mail in. Mail out. Are they hand sorting everything? I got a book a few days ago and the seller had said 4-6 weeks (must be by boat) but it was not quite 4 weeks, maybe even only 3. I've noticed a lot of new ways of doing things lately are far worse than they were....scratching head.

Tatman said...

That pic is funny. . . AND PINK!!! wow! I think you need your own store front decorated in wild color combos and call it "Old Git's Tatting Moo's"(tatting-muse) [BIG EVIL GRIN]


Ridgewoman said...

Let’s not just go there[ ~ I nominate Silver City as the Worst PO in New Mexico. Pippa’s breeder sent me her papers; and they were returned to Santa Fe as “no such address”.
This house was built in the late 70’s and the address has been active since then. We bought it from the owner’s estate (the daughter). Our poor Garbage man, who owns his own business and has one truck that treks up our mountain side, sent his invoices out and they never arrived. He complained loudly to no avail. We’ve written Assemblymen, Senators (one of whom was FROM Silver) and were told NM works on the spoilage system! The attitude is, ‘get used to it’. I lived in a rural area of northern california for 35 years; and, we NEVER had any mail problems. We had the absolutely best mail carrier ever and over the years we became great friends. The mail carrier we have now, speaks no English, drops the mail in the mud and even tiny pkgs are kept at the PO; even though, the package box is huge! Trips to see the ‘head guy’ is fruitless as he is usually at lunch, no matter what time of day you go in to see him. LOL We all sigh and say, “Well. . .it’s Silver City. bev

Sally Kerson said...

I remember what used to be there before the Moo place, very striking decor.
love from "Silly Moo" your little sister!!!

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