12 January 2011

The end of an era!!!

Well, actually, only a temporary end!!!

The 'era' I'm talking about is a bookmark one - I've come to a temporary standstill having spent days and days making these!!!!  I finally got most of them finished and put in the shop yesterday afternoon and then had the final 'straggler' to do in the evening - before the TIAS takes over my life!!!!

Must tell you about the second picture here.  This is some of the thread that Sue Anna sent me which is from Yarnplayer's shop.  The flower is Garden Afternoon and the other green is called Celery.  They are drop dead yummy together.


God's Kid said...

They all look great! :) They ought to inspire lots of reading! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Wow oh wow, I love the thread and the green goes well with the Garden afternoon, off to look at the Tais, I am sure whoever has them will enjoy reading the books more.

Marty said...

I've got to get here sooner! I popped over to your Etsy shop because my sister NEEDED that little pink piggy bookmark. Someone else needed it more I guess. *sigh* I like them all, but the pigs are so cute!

Jane Eborall said...

No problem, Marty - there'll be more piggies there soon. I like making that critter so there will be more!!!! Just send me another 24 hours in a day and I'll be happy!!!!

Corina said...

They are lovely!

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