29 January 2011

More magnetic bookmarks

This is another 'batch' of bookmarks which were ordered by friends.  

The first 'batch' is for Dinah who used to live in this town.  She wanted 4 for female readers and 1 for a male reader.  Easy for the ladies but the gentleman needed a tad more thought.  Thus was born the bowler hatted bookworm who you can see top left!!!

The penguin is another request in the second picture alongside the butterfly for the 'lady at the post office'.

Next?  Well, baaaaing too many distractions - sheep!!!!  


Shirley Burger said...

are there patterns for these magnetic bookmarks? i love them and think the idea is great. you are a wonderful inspiration for all of us. such fun things to tat, and so well designed.
shirley b.

Marty said...

These are all great. I adore the little bookworm and the penguin. BUT -- my little piggie has arrived and he's perfect! My sister is going to be so delighted (but she has to wait to see it until her birthday in May!)

Unknown said...

these are lovely! and would make great gifts for people! are there patterns available? (off to search)

Unknown said...

Lovely! would make great presents... now where to find the patterns... off to search!

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