1 February 2011

A 'How To' page

Before I start - another packet has arrived with it's new owner.  This was mailed on the 14th December.  Long live Royal Fail!!!!!!

Today will be the first of three posts which will be talking about beads.  These will be serious posts and will probably interest those who are reluctant to use beads!!!

I think the first time I ever added beads to my tatting was onto picots.  That is 'ready made' picots.  Like this!!!  
During the TIAS there was somebody who was having trouble adding her beads to the picots.  Now this is a problem and one which we've all met at sometime or another.  I use two different methods - depending on my mood and the size of the bead/thread.  

The first way is using a very, very small crochet hook (my favourites of all time are from Georgia Seitz cause they're short and have a chain and cover on them).  The size I use is 0.4mm.  The bead is put on the hook, the hook through the picot and the bead slipped over the thread and thus onto the picot.  Then the join is made.

If the hole in the bead is too small then I use a beading needle and some sewing thread and do it this way.  I take the needle through the bead and slip the bead onto the thread.  Then I take the needle through the picot then back through the bead.  All I do then is slide the bead onto the picot.  Job done!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,
Thank you I use the first way with a hook but I had trouble with some very small beads recently and not thought of using thread, I will be trying that in future, thanks for sharing your tips.

Ginny W said...

I have used a 0.4 hook for adding beads for a long time but the thread idea will open more bead use for me some beads give me troubles to use the size 15 and smaller so the thread idea will help a lot.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Yarnplayer has an excellent tutorial on adding beads using dental floss threaders here:

Anonymous said...

Thank you> that was very helpful.

yarnplayer said...

Excellent illustrations and tips, as always! Jane, you're amazing!
I've been using the crochet hook method mostly, but your needle and thread idea will be great for those stubborn beads with the tiny holes that keep appearing in my stash.

TotusMel said...

I feel like smacking myself in the head after not thinking of your sewing thread method...how much smarter you are then me even with just the one brain cell ;-)

Gina said...

I once learned how to string beads on my working thread with another finer thread but I've forgotten how now. It comes in so handy when you don't have a needle...if only I could remember. Perhaps I need to borrow your brain cell #3 for a bit?

Ronda said...

Thanks, Jane! Now, you make me want to try adding beads to my tatting. Will definitely give it a try soon. Ronda

Mary Clary said...

I'm out in middle of the Pacific Ocean and this is just what I needed. My beading needle did the trick! Thank you.

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