4 February 2011

A very special bookmark

Here is the penultimate link - day 9.  I will be very busy over the weekend so I'm going to keep the last one until Monday morning.  Sorry about that but little sisters come first!!

This bookmark is very special.  It's Nick's.  

Last year as part of his birthday present I bought some magnetic bookmarks from Waterstones.  Just a sort of 'stocking filler' present.  

It was as I was walking back from town that the whole idea of making tatted ones started germinating in my mind and thus they became a small (but growing) section of my Etsy shop!!!!

Sadly last week I returned a book to the library for him with one of the small  Waterstones bookmarks left on it so felt I needed to make him a new one.  Actually he asked as he was getting jealous of all the others flying out of the house!!  This is the badger head (FLAT, not 3D).  Nick loves badgers.

Now him being him - he doesn't use it as I designed it to be used!!!!  He's got a better idea and I'll admit one I hadn't thought of!!!  He puts the two magnets either side of the front or back covers of the book and then uses the head on the dangly tail to mark the actual place he's reached inside.  He's wickedly clever is that old git!!!!!  


Corina said...

Oooh I love that badger! Realistic and cute!

Maureen said...

Love the badger - may I ask how the cord is tatted? - because I have a mental blank and can't work this one out. Is it a lock chain? At first, in the picture, I thought it was plaited, and I wondered if it might have been a braid from your friendship bracelet - am I right?

Gina said...

The badger head is adorable!

Jane Eborall said...

The cord is made with one regular double followed by an unflipped double (as in the second side of a SR). Just have to 'train the brain'.

Crazy Mom! said...

I lurve the badger - Happy Birthday to Nick!

God's Kid said...

That looks so awesome! :)
I hadn't even read what you wrote, just scrolled to see a badger and then went back and read to make sure I got it right. :D

Margarets designer cards said...

Oh I love the badger, he's lovely and cute, and I think his way of using the bookmarks is brillant.
well done

Ridgewoman said...

I love my badger even if he isn’t the new and improved magnetic sort. It is a darlin’ critter and keeps my pages very well and it doesn’t eat the paper ~ like some little kitten I know who is a TERROR when it comes to paper. All printed patterns now arrive with little holes from sharp little claws. We have to get to the printer before Pippa. I tell you, naming Le Chat after Lady Jane...well, it gave her IDEAS that Kitty-Kitty can improve on everything in her path! LOL
xxxx P

Sally Kerson said...

Thanks for saying I come first over a TIAS - too right!!
See you Nick and the badger tomorrow - did I get that in the right order?!

Unknown said...

Very cute idea, Jane. Thanks for sharing with us here. Ronda

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