3 February 2011

Final bead talk!!

First of all - another package posted on 14th or 15th December (that's LAST year!) has now arrived in the USA.

Now how to add beads another way.

I think it must've been as a result of something that somebody said on a blog somewhere about Rhoda Auld's method of adding beads which got the old brain working.  

I remember that moment when I was making something just a few years ago which needed the mental capacity to work out not only 'how many' but also 'what order' to add the beads to the threads before starting and it was a LOT of beads too.  I just wasn't coping well with that concept - I've never had a good brain for that sort of thing.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps I could add the beads when I 'got there' - like Rhoda did but differently so that they didn't have the thread over the sides of the beads (see yesterday's post).

This (after probably around 50 years of tatting) was a huge moment for me.  I'd not seen this idea used before.

So, this is how it's done.  When you get to the place that needs a whole lot of beads on a picot (or what I call a LBP - long beaded picot) you add the beads to the back of the hand above the last doubles and put a safety pin/paperclip to hold them in place.  Then continue with the pattern and join to the LBP when required.  This gives you the opportunity to experiment with colours, sizes and different orders of beads too.

Here are a couple of quick pictures but there is a link here with more explanation.

I was SO thrilled when seeing the TIAS pieces coming in that this idea has been adopted for making picots to fit even just one bead.  My first thoughts were to put this in the TIAS instructions but I didn't want to 'frighten off' participants who had recently learnt to tat.


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Thank you again for a great piece on beads, I did what you said with the thread yesterday and it worked, brilliant, thanks

Fox said...

This is fabbo! Thanks.

I get so frustrated when I find - like last evening - that I had strung the wrong amount of the second colour of a loooong string of beads and I had already begun for the second go-around. What did I do? This is CRAZY - I unwound the full shuttle and stretched out the thread, pulled off the old beads and added the right ones in the right order and amount and then rewound the shuttle from the end, pushing the looong row of beads as I wound. Nuts. I felt crazy as I was doing this but what else is a tatter to do?

You just might have given me the answer!

♥Fox : ))

Beelizabeth said...

You could mimic some of Marilee's (Yarnplayer) long beaded picots by anchoring the picot back down immediately and then continuing your ring or chain. Like you, I have trouble figuring out exactly how many beads and which order to load them, especially if I want a teardrop or other bead between several seed beads on a single picot, or adding a split ring finding and having more than a single thread for it to hang on. Oooooh- I can see some fun uses for this method. Thanks for the great technique.

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