23 February 2011

More little critters!

Thanks for all the input after yesterday's post.  There seems to have been a bit of discussion about the 'no blip' join and I must say it appears to be at first  a 'normal join' - specially for the second half of the SR.  I'd just like to point out gently that the 'no blip' way adds ONE small extra movement to the join to extinguish the blip for once and for all!!!   Thought I'd clarify it for those who thought it was the 'normal' join!!!!

Now for today's real post!!!  Here's another group of shuttle critters which have now gone flying over the pond to Erin and Chris.

Can't make up my mind which I like best!!!  I think the hummers but you never know what's going to 'pop off' the shuttles next - least I never know!!!!

Thank you to everybody who tested the 'no blip' idea yesterday - I'll add the link to my web page tomorrow - along with two more patterns!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Your critters are looking lovely and what beautiful colours

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

The little squirrel is just darling! All your little critters are cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The hummers are my favorite, but those caterpillars and butterflies are adorable too!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I think all of them would look great in the shuttle. I like how you paired the critters off. Giraffe with the tree, squirell and nut, are very cute, but I also like the seahorse and fish, I'd have a hard time deciding on just one pair, you might have to have them all made into shuttles.

Dale Marie said...

I love the hummers too, perhaps paired with a frilly flower on the opposite side.

Monica said...

Squirrel and nut are *my* favourite!

Wendy said...

I love the humming birds too. You have certainly taken to variegated threads with a vengeance lol

Tatman said...

I don't have much problems with the "blip" since I design mostly in white BUHAHAHAHA.....just had to throw that in there(BIG CHEESY GRIN).

Thank you for your efforts and much appreciated. Helps those of us without brain cell #3 ;)

Love your critters!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

I think the critters are all great, oh and sorry forgot to test the "blip" - too much on this week!!!

TAT19540 said...

Love t he humming bird. Your pattern? Pretty critters!

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