5 March 2011

Fly to Palmetto tat days!!!

Update on the Queen's visit yesterday.  I went mowing grass instead as I doubted she'd have time for tatting.  Actually my closest to her was seeing her red helicopter fly past as we'd just finished up on the grass.  I doubt she missed me!!!!  I will get to teach her one day - or perhaps Kate!!!!  Thankfully she brought the most fabulous weather with her and the grass was finished.

A few days ago this picture came to me from Pam - one of the Palmetto 'gals'.  They were shown to her at one of their meetings recently and she took the photo below.  Pam thinks this is the order from left to right.  Wanda Tripp, Karen Lowrimore, Joanie Culverhouse, Katherine Buckner and Hope Bates.  Some of these are already on the TIAS blog but it's great to see them altogether.  Which reminds me - there's still room on the TIAS blog for more - currently it stands at around 80 landings!!!!

I love going to Palmetto Tat Days as it's such fun there and a fantastic place to learn new stuff - even and especially for an OG like me!!!  You'll have to look back through my blog to see how good it is.  Here's a link to their site.  OOOOOh, just seen what they're doing at their next meeting too.  Something that I gave them a while back. 


Karrieann said...

...sooooooooooo does this mean you'll be here (I live where the Tat Days is being held) at the Palmetto's Tat Days 2011? Hm?

Margarets designer cards said...

I am sure she missed your tatting lessons, never mind I am sure shes just a bit old to learn now, Kate might be worth trying.
My fleet has grown by two and the pictures are going onto my blog. I have really enjoyed making the planes.
Have a nice day

IsDihara said...

Will you fly to Palmetto Tat Days this September, Jane?

Jane Eborall said...

No, Isdihara - afraid Tat Days is too late for us this year. We'll be over the pond earlier than that to 'hit' the school holidays and spend time with family.

Ridgewoman said...

Hey, Hey. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks and I’m here to prove it! LOL The Queen is not much older than I, and was always a person who could DO things (like drive ambulances during the war) so I’ve no doubt that if she were so inclined, she could tat quite well....
From across the pond in the colonies...
Her loss though, to not meet Jane!
xxx P

Maureen said...

I've been reading in the paper that the poor Queen must have a knee replacement operation, and it's going to take 4 months to recover - so actually, teaching her to tat wouldn't be such a far-fetched idea! Look at all the wonderful things Queen Carmen Sylva made. Especially that magnificent cot cover with the poem about the four angels worked into it!

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