4 March 2011

New potential tatter?

I managed to list the magnetic brooches in Etsy yesterday afternoon and a lot of them have flown already.  Thanks, folks.

Today I have the chance to teach a potential tatter but need to ask you all how I go about it.

OK I've taught a few people in my life but not one like this.  There were people already in town yesterday taking precautions for her visit to my corner of tat land.  

You know those little holes in the pavement that they lift up to turn off localised  water supplies?  They measure roughly 9" square.  Well yesterday in preparation for this person (and her DH - who might also want to learn to tat) all of them at the bottom end of the town were being inspected.  There were roughly 20 men and women lifting each one!!!  There were the 'water men', security men and police all peering down each hole!!!  This was outside the ladies loo too which was a bit off putting as I really needed to go in there so instead I 'dashed' home!!!

So, the biggest problem is how do I get this person to sit down and learn.    Will she have time in her busy schedule?  Should I offer to hold her hands while we turn the knot?  Should I take one or two wound shuttles with me so she doesn't have to spend valuable time winding them?  
BUT the biggest problem of all is how to get close enough to even start on our lesson. Then, of course, do I curtsey or just pretend she's just an old mate? 

Who is it?  Who may want to learn to tat (in my dreams)?  Who is bringing her DH with her too?  Why, the Queen!!!!  They're both coming to re-open the theatre which has had a multi million pound re-vamp.  It's drop dead gorgeous too.  She'll also be watching a small part of Romeo and Juliet - the balcony scene.  This is being played by two actors Mariah Gale and Sam Troughton.  I can boast here - I taught Sam to read as I was his first teacher in primary school.  A great kid from a super family too.

Actually I'll probably go and mow grass instead!!!!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Sounds like you are having a royal flush. hope you enjoy Romeo and Juliet

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

You never can tell - maybe there's a jewel-encrusted solid gold shuttle in her grandma's cedar chest!

I think her 'blinged shuttle' would beat all of ours, hands down!

Anne said...

Don't stab Her Majesty with your shuttle whilst curtseying to her!!
Enjoy yourself.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would definitely curtsy, pre-wind the shuttles (Pop-A-Bobbin, of course), and offer to visit her at home if she needs extra lessons!

Sally Kerson said...

Ah but I had a Royal tour of the theatre by you - "Queen of Tatting" which was great especially sitting in the theatre reminicising over our connections with the place.
Hope you got that lawn done!!!!

Miranda said...

Now that's what the tatting world needs-- royal exposure! Queen Marie of Romania was an expert tatter, so there's good precedent there. You should definitely give her instructions for adding beads, since she will be able to use beads made of gemstones!

TAT19540 said...

You will be too famous for us common folks to hang around. lol.
I would have wound shuttles to work with and show how to do it.
What a wonderful honor for you, former students that are preforming in front of the Queen. Hope you have a wonderful time. Take pics if they allow you!

Tatfully Yours said...

I would think the Queen would like to learn to tat from you!!! She would have time to hand-make something nice as a wedding gift to her grandson!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks to the internet I was able to find some video of this event, and to read about the theater! Very interesting, and wonderful to read about the restoration! I didn't see you in the crowd, though! I guess you were out mowing grass (LOL)! (Didn't you just have snow?)

That's pretty cool that you taught one of the actors!

I have English ties, as my great-great grandfather was married in one of the churches in London back in 1847. Two newspaper clippings differ on the name of the church (how did THAT happen?) but both churches are still there. His son, my great-grandfather, came to America (Massachusetts) in 1870.

It's always interesting to read your and Sally's posts!

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