2 March 2011

The hardest thing to do!

Now what's the hardest thing I have to do in tatting and the most dreaded? 

Well, at the moment it's scanning.  No, not your regular scanning.  I use the scanner a LOT particularly for the flat pieces of tatting.  BUT the worst thing of all is the pieces that include magnets!!!  

These are little STINKERS to scan as they move.  They sneakily move around the platten when you're not looking.  Honest, no word of a lie.  I sit here and carefully place them on the platten.  Then I gently lower the lid.  Fine.  I do the 'preview' part and there they are sitting smartly as they were placed.  GREAT, I think to myself.  Then I do the 'save as' and all the other plaver and press 'scan'.

So, what's wrong with that?  Well, somehow and for some reason (which many of you must know about, but I don't) the little stinkers then decide they're going to have a party and one of them ALWAYS moves!!!!!  I've now resorted to doing them two at a time which seems to work but it's a darn nuisance!!!

These brooches are ones I've just finished (evenings over the weekend have been spent making these).  Once I've done a few more I'll add them to the Etsy shop.  After that it'll probably be back to bookmarks as there are only a few left in there!!!  I may remove the few that are left as nobody seems to want them.  I can turn them into something 'better' I think!!!!!


Anne said...

They are lovely. I think that if you re-size them they would also make attractive earrings.

Regarding your magnets 'mating' whilst being scanned. DH says one answer would be to put extra weight on them so that they cannot move. Another answer is to use a digital camera.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I call dibs on the purple and blue one!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Anne - if you look on my pattern site then you'll see they're already out there as a pattern. Here's a link to them made as earrings http://janeeborall.blogspot.com/2010/05/earwigs.html
I always photograph the pieces I make to list in the shop but the scanner is faster and easier when I'm in a hurry.

God's Kid said...

Hi Jane, I am no expert, but while scanning I think the mechanism that moves inside may have some metal that the magnets are attracted to and follow as it goes from one side to the other. Just a thought.
Love the things you tat!!! :)

Ridgewoman said...

Sounds just like the problem I have with flat bed scanner with regular things. They always shift! I can take a digital photo while in bed; but, it is fiddly and DH isn’t always available to help out.
I wanted Rebekah to shoot a photo of my shuttle collection but she is too busy as a professional photographer and her prices are a bit high for me! LOL So will have to do it myself, perhaps this spring.
The colors Diane ‘dibs’ on are delightful. I mostly wear ear rings and short necklaces (with the right dress) but brooches are so nice for a suit jacket, or spring jacket or bolero...Any material with a firm hand.
Lovely work mate....xxxx P

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